The ultimate treatment to unwind the signs of ageing, boost results of LED Light Therapy up to seven times by adding Lumixa Masque to your skin management plan.
Enjoy a warm gem massage on arrival.
Single LUMIXA MASQUE Treatment $399 each or $1495 (5 Pack, save $500)
Add LUMIXA MASQUE upgrade (20mins) to any of the following LED Facials for only $249.

*LED XPRESS LUEUR (30mins) $119 - Currently $99

Nourish. Address individual skin concerns with personalised products to leave your skin smooth and rehydrated. Includes LED 20mins & Mango & Pearl Foot Scrub.

*LED BELLE FEMME (45mins) $179 - Currently $149

Luminosity and Radiance. The perfect lunch-time facial or essential pre-event pick me up. Reveal clear and radiant skin. Includes LED 20mins & Mango & Pearl Foot Scrub.

*LED LUX ULTIME (60mins) $199 - currently $169

Lifting. Immerse yourself in pure luxury with a prescription of products to leave your skin nourished and rehydrated. Includes LED 20mins & Mango & Pearl Foot Scrub.

Other optional upgrades include:

LED MediLUX (20mins) $69 
Diamond Gel Masque (20mins) $69

Lumixa is an innovative new hyperpulsed light treatment from Italian skin scientists, FB Dermatology. It features a ground-breaking gel that is applied the skin and activated by blue LED light. 

Treatments with Lumixa are fast, powerful and comfortable. It works to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen production, correct ‘Inflammageing’, target the intrinsic signs of ageing and reactivate the skin matrix.

Benefits include:

  • Fluorejuvenation: stimulation of regeneration mechanisms
  • Skin gym: reinforces natural defence mechanisms
  • Natural glow enhancement
  • Anti-redness effect
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Regulates skin stress 
Who is it suitable for?

Lumixa is suitable for all skin types. Because it’s pain-free, it’s perfect for those more sensitive to pain.

We recommend minimal make-up (if any) and no fake tan on the area prior to treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

Whilst results are visible from a single session, most will benefit from a full course of 5 treatments one week apart. Lumixa can also be combined before or after invasive treatments to effectively calm inflammation.

There are currently two treatment options: 

  1. Lumixa Skin Normaliseris perfect for anyone looking to prevent and combat redness, inflammation and early signs of ageing, with a revitalising effect. 
  2. LumixaCollagenBooster: is an anti-ageing treatment to correct and improve skin density, texture, fine lines and pore size.

What can I expect after?

Post treatment you may notice temporary redness (often due to the warmth), mild darkening of freckles or bronzing and darkening of freckles. 

Apply a sunscreen SPF 30 or greater daily, avoid sun exposure to treated areas.

Our highly trained Therapist will provide aftercare support and information. It is recommended to maintain your results with our prescribed skincare regime.