Start with a Complimentary Brow Consult (15mins)

Indulge in our exquisite beauty services, where our skilled beauty therapist cater to your unique needs. From lash tints to perfectly sculpted brows, experience a blend of relaxation and transformation... leaving you refreshed and radiant.


    We provide Browcode stains, tints, and styling products known for their superior quality and innovative formulas tailored for eyebrows. These products are tried and tested to ensure outstanding enhancement and aftercare for your beautiful new brows.


    With any shaping service, we include eyebrow mapping, a precise technique designed to craft the ideal brow shape that complements each person's facial features. This method offers a personalised result, enhanced symmetry and precise grooming.


    The power of a well groomed and perfectly shaped brow should never be underestimated. Whether you want to take your no make-up, natural look to the next level or just need a reshape for an event, a good brow will freshen the eye area and revitalise your look.